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2014 In the Rear-View Mirror

It was a pretty good year for creative output. I don't judge myself by quantity because it's a lot easier to achieve than quality. The battle of time versus effort never ends. But hey, I survived!

DREAMING DEEP, a Lovecraftian thriller for Uncanny Books, was finished New Year's Eve and submitted to publisher Andrew Byers just a few days later. This novelette has an unusual ending and takes a big risk--but that's why Anonymous-9 writes in the first place. Andrew has wisely provided detailed notes and we're working together to make this piece the best it can be. Here are milestones of 2014. Readers are my inspiration. Thanks for voting, reviewing, and reading. BITE HARDER wins 2014 Reader's Choice Award, Best Indie Novel, from The House of Crime and Mystery. CRASHING THROUGH MIRRORS listed in 2014's Top Crime Reads next to Joe Lansdale, Karin Slaughter, Matthew McBride: "Sid the helper monkey is my favorite character of 2014." Dan Malmon for CRIMESPREE MAGAZINE

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