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A N O N Y M O U S - 9

Anonymous-9 is the pen name of Elaine Ash. Although her work is synonymous with Los Angeles, Elaine was born and grew up in eastern Canada. At seven years old her first published work in the church paper won a Temperance Award. It inspired her to take up drinking responsibly at an early age.


She is passionately committed to freedom of speech, and freedom in writing and storytelling. Nationally ranked as a top-ten public speaker in university, she debated competitively at Harvard, and served as an official judge at the World's Debate Tournament in South Africa. 


In Los Angeles, entertainment journalism gave her work while studying plot, structure, dialogue, and story, story, story. Culture-shocked and loving it, a black-comic view of California gradually developed and expressed itself in fiction.


The pen-name Anonymous-9 was invented as a blind for her hard-hitting, experimental short stories. When people liked them, the name stuck. Now a citizen of the United States, she writes in Los Angeles, parties in Texas, and traces her DNA back to Vikings in Scotland. 

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