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HARD BITE SINGLEHANDEDLY STRETCHED THE BOUNDARIES OF MODERN NOIR FICTION. Dr. Charles Gramlich, author of the Talera series, and psychology professor


[BITE HARDER is] funny, incisive, down-and-dirty brilliant. --Benjamin Whitmer, Cry Father, Pike, NYT Critic's Choice author


... The best, most fiercely original novel I’ve read in a long time. — Ray Garton, World Horror Grand Master Award recipient, author of Meds and Sex and Violence in Hollywood






Top 5 Debut Novels of 2013MYSTERYPEOPLE BOOKPEOPLE, largest indie bookstore in southwestern USA, Austin, Texas



Rob Kitchin's BEST READS OF 2013The View from the Blue House Blog,



2014 Readers’ Choice Award 

The House of Mystery & Crime, Canada.


2012 Readers’ Choice Award The House of Mystery & Crime, Canada.



Top 10 Short Stories of 2012TRIANGULATION Sandra Seamans’ Blog



Spinetingler Magazine's 

Best Short Story on the Web 2009



Thriller Awards

International Thriller Writers,

Nominee, Best Short Story,




Spinetingler Magazine 


Best Short Story on the Web, 2010 



Derringer Awards 

Two-time nominee, 2009

Short Mystery Fiction Society


Thriller Awards

International Thriller Writers

Nominee, Best Novel 2013, 

Ed Kurtz'

Best Damn Books of 2012

Hard Bite by Anonymous-9 features a paraplegic vigilante, his enforcer (an extremely well-trained capuchin monkey named Sid), a pissed off mother (who just happens to be the de facto head of a Mexican drug cartel), a savvy streetwalker, a boatload of Los Angeles law enforcement, enough blood to float the Titanic, and a guns blazing finale... 





Characters like Dean Drayhart are few and far between so enjoy it while it lasts... 

Deep, rich, vibrant characters that propel the action...


Assured, sparkling prose, that is all show and no tell...


I'll be placing her other works at the top of my reading list... 


Anonymous-9 consistently delivers of my top crime reads for 2014...

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