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Coffee and the Keyboard

Monday morning I was not waking up fast enough at my computer so I threw hot coffee all over myself and the keyboard.

Worked like a charm.

I woke up right away.

My glasses fell off in the melee and I stepped on them and broke the lense out, just in case sufficient damage had not been caused for one day. It obviously hadn't because then I decided to blow dry my keyboard off and when testing revealed it was still skipping letters I decided to pull it apart to dry it off.

Too late, I learned that one is supposed to pop the keys off, not pull the thing apart. In one brilliant stroke I transformed a mildly damaged keyboard into useless trash. Am I something or what?

There is a bright spot to all this: with the ensuing adventure at the Apple store. telephone support, and one in-home visit from an IT expert, not only did my new keyboard work, but I got upgraded to OS Mavericks and 90 more days of free telephone support just for VSI clients like myself: Very Special Idiots.

Went to Costco and they fixed my glasses for free.

I got off easy, huh?

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